Travel Tips

Travel Tips is just that, the online destination for all of your European Travel Links, Guides and Planning needs. At ETL we offer travel tips with a local edge, because who knows a city or country better than a local? We feel conventional travel guides, although as helpful as they are a guide book can only take you so far when it comes to discovering a new travel destination. They may be great preparation as a taster for what is to come but often they can be void of what it is that makes a city so worth exploring in the first place. That is why all of the advice and tips given on our site are created to enrich your experience when you come to travelling Europe but ultimately the discovery of wherever you choose to visit is in the end up to you and we’re sure you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Why Do We Do It?

We know that all the travel tips in the world may not stop you from getting lost in a new European city, however we do know that getting lost in an unknown place can often lead to the very discovery of sounds, colours and culture that led to you wanting to explore that particular city in the first place.  We have nothing against ‘tourist traps’ or travellers feeling they have to tick certain landmarks off of their travel bucket list but visiting these and only these places when you visit a European city can often mean you don’t even scratch the surface of what that city has to offer. That is why tries to take you deeper into what makes travelling Europe such a wondering experience by giving you tips and planning advice from people who know the each destination with almost scientific precision to ensure you can make your European trip as remarkable as possible.

All of our European travel guides are even written by citizens or residents of the city or country they write about or one of our travel bug bitten team who will happily admit that they’ve been lost in European countries more than most which not only help them find the out more about each destination but find out certain things about themselves as well, the ultimate goal of travel for some.